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The conference programme

Live Labs 2 Expo is the must-attend conference for all involved in accelerating the UK transformation to low carbon local highways – demonstrating the new thinking, tools, services and technologies currently in development and setting out priorities for the years ahead.

The conference programme will feature:

  • Keynotes from the Department of Transport and the Live Labs 2 Commissioning Board

  • Updates and demonstration sessions from the seven Live Labs

  • Best practice for baselining, measuring and reducing carbon

  • Workshops on Monitoring & Evaluation and key communications strategies

  • Plenty of time for engagement and interaction with the Live Labs teams and partners

  • Opportunities to hear from potential new collaborators and create new partnerships to drive forward the local roads decarbonisation sector


The Live Labs 2 Expo will be a one-stop shop, bringing together the public and private partners supporting the rapid decarbonisation of the local roads sector.


Over the next three years, Live Labs 2 will see ambitious local authority-led partnerships from across the UK developing and implementing zero carbon and climate change-focused local roads plans.

why attend

Who should attend?

Professionals involved with planning, developing, managing, maintaining, and future-proofing the nation's local highways networks.

  • Highways engineers;

  • Transport planners;

  • Urban designers;

  • Local authority highways professionals;

  • Technology & innovation professionals;

  • Landscape engineers;

  • Lighting engineers;

  • Intelligent Transport Systems experts;

  • Sustainability consultants;

  • Materials specialists;

  • Environmental professionals;

  • Water and air quality specialists;

  • Carbon economists and accountants;

  • Asset managers;

  • Roads & lands maintenance professionals;

  • Low carbon manufacturers;

  • AI and ML specialists;

  • Green and blue infrastructure suppliers;

  • Heat and power engineers;

  • Biomass engineers;

  • Waste and recycling experts;

  • Modellers;

  • Data scientists;

Delegates meet exhibitors at the ADEPT Live Labs Expo in 2024
who should attend
The Department for Transport Logo
ADEPT LIVE LABS 2: Decarbonising Local Roads

Live Labs 2 is a three-year, £30million, UK-wide programme funded by the Department for Transport and managed by ADEPT that will run until March 2026. Live Labs 2 is leading the decarbonisation of local highways infrastructure and assets.

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