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Event background

Local authorities are responsible for local highways maintenance, which makes a significant contribution to the UK’s carbon impact.

The seven Live Labs 2 projects, headed by local authorities in partnership with the private sector and academia, are leading the charge to put decarbonisation at the heart of local roads strategy and management.


The 2025 Live Labs 2 Expo is the must-attend event for all involved in accelerating this transformation. It will include a deep dive into the progress made across programme, with early insights and evidence into the most effective solutions, services and technology experienced by the Live Labs teams.


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Despite most UK public authorities declaring a climate emergency, to date little has been done to decarbonise the design, maintenance and renewal of highways infrastructure, meaning many will fall short on key climate commitments. 

The event will bring together the ADEPT Live Labs 2 projects, their commercial partners, the Commissioning Board and local authority and industry figures to showcase the insights from Live Labs 2 so far, and to actively encourage collaboration between public and private sector partners in order to embed local road decarbonisation into UK practice.

North Lanarkshire Live Labs Roadway image

What was discussed at the
2024 EXPO?

  • Live Labs 2 project developments so far, wider sector partnerships and involvement.

  • New ways of thinking and creating novel partnerships to generate solutions.

  • Actively encouraging collaboration between public and private sector partners to develop new thinking, materials, tools, products and services.

Delegates meet exhibitors at the ADEPT Live Labs Expo in 2024

Why exhibit?

It is estimated that local authorities currently spend in excess of £2bn per year on local roads and their maintenance. This runs alongside considerable investment from private sector partners.


The Live Labs 2 Expo presents a rare opportunity for organisations to showcase tools, products and services to the key budget holders and decision makers, from both public and private sectors, who are leading the work to decarbonise the UK's local highways.

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ADEPT LIVE LABS 2: Decarbonising Local Roads

Live Labs 2 is a three-year, £30million, UK-wide programme funded by the Department for Transport and managed by ADEPT that will run until March 2026. Live Labs 2 is leading the decarbonisation of local highways infrastructure and assets.

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